Congratulations Mr. T.T.Le for having been received Visa 188B State Nomination – SA

Welcome to the new week with exciting news! VIETIMMI has received another letter of approval to guarantee and invite to apply for visa stream 188B Bond Investment Stream of the State of South Australia. T.T LE client files were sprint prepared and filed in the 89th minute before the State closed for the 2020-21 financial year.

When coming to VIETIMMI, Mr. T. T LE also learned about some types of visas that are suitable for his family and wanted to consult VIETIMMI on the shortest way to come to Australia. After carefully studying the application file, weighing and fully analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, the disadvantages when the State is about to close the application portal, the time is only in units of days, we and our family He worked hard day and night and breathed a sigh of relief when his efforts were well rewarded! Thank you and your family for accompanying VIETIMMI to make it a success today